Smart Billing

It is an accounting software. The main thing of this software, anyone can handle it, don't need any supporting accountant. It’s too easy for use and too much user friendly. Using it you can create any company with password protection / without protection. After create a company you can create many account in it. Like Cash A/C, Bank A/C, Cash Billing A/C, Sundry debtors A/C, Sundry creditors A/C, Ledger  A/C etc. In the processing time of voucher creation master entry can possible. The software support any vat % for individual product. You can see daily/monthly stock summary, cash book, sale report etc. You can also view monthly payable vat amount, monthly / yearly business barchart.


Online & Offline both software are available. Online software use for big business purpose. Where multiple machine simultaneously access same stock or database. Offline software use for small business purpose. Where only single machine can access the stock.

Offline Package => @ Just Rs.10,000/- Offer price 8,000/- (20 % discount)

Online Package => @ Just Rs.30,000/-

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